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Goddess Perfecta and Princess Crystal have a trampling session with their slave Bobby. They both wear sexy dresses and look very hot. The slave is lying on the floor naked. One of the girls tramples his chest and the other one tramples his legs. They jump up and down and use him like he is a dance floor in a club. They really enjoy it to humiliate him!

Sexy Sandy visits her slave today. She wants to start a trampling session. She is wearing a sexy dress and her black High Heel boots. The slave is lying on the floor and just wears a jeans. She tramples his chest hardly. Later on she takes off her shoes and tramples him barefeet. She also tramples his head and presses her fully weight on his face.

Today Mistress Katja visits her slave. The slave is lying on the floor and his hands are tight up. Katja likes what she sees and starts to slap his face brutally. That is not enough for her. She wants to take him the air to breathe, so she holds his nose. Later on she holds his nose and his mouth at the same time. The slave starts to struggle and Katja gets more and more fun!

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