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When it comes to dominating guys, this mistress is one of the best in the game. She likes to customize the punishments to fit individuals as well as do it according to what they had done. She is sexy and this makes it easy for her to disarm them with her charm and her smile. That is what she did to this loser today as she teased him with her ass before she humiliated him.

Lady Sue knows that her looks bring her unquestioning worship and power, and this loser ass slave is no exception. He's powerless and helpless under her grinding ass and pussy and she uses them to smother his face. She grinds her thong into his face, making her pussy and ass fumes the only thing he can breathe in. She uses her full weight to forcefully subdue him.

Princess Melena wears sexy tight jeans and a shirt, when she decides to undress in order to give you the possibility to CLEAN HER DIRTY ASSHOLE WITH YOUR TONGUE. She spreads her ass cheeks for you, so you can easily sniff and lick her asshole. She wants you to put a bit more effort in it and stick your tongue deeper into her ass. When she is totally satisfied she will cum so you better do your best!

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