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Goddess Chanel wanted to pass time so she used her trampling fetish to do it. She did it with her friend and the two of them trampled and smothered their slave for no reason. They did not even bother to look for a scapegoat to use in doing so. The mistresses just summoned him to where they were and they got started trampling and smothering him without telling him anything.

Mistress Cassandra loves to do cruel and crazy things especially at the expense of slaves and losers. She was trying to determine what else to do to her slave when he messed up. She definitely had to do something and she resorted to sticking her foot in his mouth. The mistress did not care how cruel that was to him and how it nearly tore his mouth apart and gagged him.

Madame Marissa wanted her slave to eat the cake she had used her car to crush. Her tire was full of it and she made the poor guy to lick the entire car. The guy had no choice but to do it. The tire was mixed with dirt but the mistress did not care. All she wanted was her instructions to be followed to the letter and the guy did it.

Mistress Natasha loves to unwind by reading a book. But she relaxes even better when she has someone rubbing her feet. Today she got this guy to not only lick her feet, but also to suck her toes. She had a book in hand and she had a great time reading it. She was so relaxed that she fell asleep on the couch and she slept for hours and hours.

Mistress Kira had heard of foot licking but she had never tried it before. She had the chance to do it today and she did not waste the chance. She had a girl slave and she had planned to punish her using her bare feet. The mistress made the girl lick her bare feet and do all things like suck her toes as she sat back and enjoyed all he did.

When this mistress chose to get slave her to learn the kind of manners she wanted, she settled for humiliating him and making sure that he learned his place and that he took instructions. The mistress also had him lick her shoes and her feet. And she required him to do it in her backyard where neighbors could see what he did. But she did not care who saw them.

Mistress Serena had a new boyfriend and he was not as adventurous as she was used to. She liked him though and she was ready to teach him the kind of stuff she liked. So she started with facesitting. The mistress loves riding guys' faces and that is why she did it today. He did not like it at first but as she went on doing it, he loved it more and more.

Chinese mistress Xuan likes to do the sort of things that no one else has ever done or few people have done or attempted. She had done many things and she was at a loss of what to do. So she decided to try something different and she settled on spitting. She filled the guy's face with her saliva which she forced him to drink as well as lick and he did.

Madame Svea had a score to settle with this guy and she used kinky femdom clips to settle it. The mistress was so pissed at the guy that she used her high heels to trample him. And she caught everything she did on camera so that she could watch it again and again or even use it to torment and blackmail him. She was sure there was blackmailable material in the clips.

Goddess Lena wanted to degrade these losers and she hoped to do it cruelly. So the mistress stripped them naked and she asked them to jerk off to each other and give each other jerk off instructions. The mistress sat down to watch the guys and when they were done, the mistress had them lick her soles before she sat on their backs and asked them to do push ups.

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