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Madame Marissa felt great when she learned that it was this girl who had snitched on her. She had been planning to torture someone and she did it on the girl. She crushed her with her ass and she made her lick her sweaty feet after she had come from jogging. She did it in her car which was parked in the woods so that no one came to her rescue.

Madame Svea felt that this guy was not being honest with her and she had to get the info she wanted out of him. She did this cruelly and she used her spit and her sneakers to get the info she wanted. She forced the poor guy to do it and he was humiliated as he had to lick the saliva from the soles of her sneakers. He learned his lesson.

When it comes to dominating guys, this mistress is one of the best in the game. She likes to customize the punishments to fit individuals as well as do it according to what they had done. She is sexy and this makes it easy for her to disarm them with her charm and her smile. That is what she did to this loser today as she teased him with her ass before she humiliated him.

Princess Serena wanted this loser to learn an important lesson so she taught him the lesson cruelly. The mistress forced him to lick her feet as well as her high heels. She told him she was not her equal and he was not allowed to question her or to disobey her. And if he did that, he would only have himself to blame for what would happen to him thereafter.

Mistress Alisa was not in a good mood. She wanted to do her things her own way and that is what she did. Her slave was trying to do them his way and she could not have it. She made him lick her bare feet and she dominated him as cruelly as she was able to before she let him go and do it the way she wanted them done.

Mistress Lynna felt that she needed to do something to this loser. She was angry at him and she tortured him using her boots. She had him lick them as she told him what she did not like about him and what she was willing to do to him if he repeated his mistake. She enjoyed herself at his expense and he had no choice but to change in order to avoid further punishments.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was in the mood to torture. She took this guy to her house where she smoked as she made him lick her high heel boots. She threatened to crush his face and his nuts with the same boots if he did not do things the way she wanted them done. She was impressed by how well he licked her boots and she knew he must be a good pussy licker.

Mistress Melina and her friend did not appreciate how this loser snitched on them in school. They were pissed and they had to punish him. He had to know snitching was not good so they crushed his face using their high heeled boots before they spat on his face. He was required to lick their spit as well as smear it on his face before they let him go. He never snitched again.

Mistress Gaia and her boyfriend had gone through a lot but they had stuck together. Now that they were successful, this girl wanted to mess with her man and this mistress could not let it happen. She had to teach her a lesson and she did so cruelly. She stripped her naked and she tied her before spitting into her mouth and having her swallowing the saliva. She also whipped her as cruelly as she could.

Mistress Teodora, mistress Britney as well as mistress Misty were on a mission to stop bullying in their neighborhood. They did not like the fact that it had gotten rampant of late. So they hunted down the leader of the largest gang of bullies in the neighborhood and they made and shared a video of how they crushed and humiliated him for all to see. They warned him and others that if they did not stop, the consequences would be dire.

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