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Mistress BlackDiamoond felt that she was not getting enough attention from her man. She took him to her friend lady Celina for punishment because Celina specialized in doing that. They trampled him, turned him into a foot slave and humiliated him as cruelly as they could. That was to make him learn a lesson and never give him time to others and forget his girlfriend. The boyfriend learned his lesson.

These mistresses found out they had been dating the same guy and they were pissed. But they realized he was the problem and not them. And as fate would have it, they were attracted to each other. They had lured him and were busy trampling him with their high heels, but they found the attraction too strong and they gave in. It was the first time for both of them to try girl on girl fun.

Mistress Mira was so mad at her slave that she wanted to do the worst thing she could come up with at that instance. She tied him up with a plastic wrap and she crushed his head using her high heels. She wanted the pain to be the kind that he had never felt before. She also wanted him to lick the dirty soles of her high heels and he did.

Princess Serena did not like the fact that this loser had been stealing from her. When she found out, she knew she would not keep quiet. She used her stinky sneakers and her stinky socks to dominate and to torture him. He was choked and he cried but she did not care. She asked him why he did not cry like that when he was stealing from her. It was now time for him to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Madame Marissa was shocked to learn that her friend had never humiliated a slave before. She wondered what her friend did when she was pissed at someone. She was scheduled to punish her slave and she allowed her friend to have a go at him to get a taste of what it felt like. She let her friend slap her slave and trample him as painfully as she was able to.

Mistress Inga was not used to having smelly feet so it bothered her. She did not like how her slave had dried her shoes after he had washed them. That was the cause of her smelly feet and she was not going to let herself stay with smelly feet. So she punished him by making him lick them and she dominated him cruelly to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

This mistress was pissed at how her slave had embarrassed her. He had embarrassed her in front of her friends which was even worse. She was not going to keep quiet and watch as he did so. She waited for the friends to leave and she dealt with him cruelly. She trampled his body with her high heel boots as well as with her bare feet and inflicted a lot of pain on him.

Mistress Avery was asked by a friend to punish her friend's slave. She agreed as she had nothing better to do. She did it slowly for maximum impact as well as to kill time. The mistress got the guy to lick her socks, then her bare feet and also her sneakers. Mistress Avery taught him a lesson he had never been taught before but one that he had to learn.

Lady Krasaviza tied this loser before she embarked on whipping him. She whipped his naked butt and she made sure he learned his lesson cruelly. He was in a lot of pain but she did not care. She wanted to make sure he learned his lesson and that he would not do the mistake he had done. His balls and his dick were not out of bounds as she crushed them and kicked them too.

Mistress Natasha laughed at this loser when she noticed that he was doing the kind of things she did not approve of. She laughed because she was putting him on notice. But he did not get the sarcasm behind it all. He went on doing them and she chose to punish him. She did this using her high heels. She trampled his fingers painfully and he regretted what he had done.

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